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Thursday, April 19, 2007

The General's Daughter, by Nelson DeMille

Started 4/1, finished 4/6

I bought this book from an outdoor bookstand in Delhi, en route to the airport. I had just seen the Taj Mahal and finished Roth's Everyman, so I was in the mood for a more forgettable experience. See, that's what Nelson DeMille is for me: always fun, always entertaining, always forgettable. If all I ever do is write books like he does, I'll be pretty happy.

The General's Daughter was made into a movie (which I've not seen) with John Travolta in the lead, so I couldn't quite make up my own face and voice for the Paul Brenner. The good news is, the smartasserie and wit that I love so much about the John Corey novels is all here. The love story is as predictable and shallow as you'd want it to be, and DeMille is always good at twisting the suspense out of anything.

Not much of a review here, because there really isn't much to say. If you like Nelson DeMille, you probably don't think this is the book they should have made a movie out of, but it was still a good yarn to be read on a plane from Delhi to Bangalore. Good old DeMille, just like good old Greg Iles (more of whom, coming soon).

Book #9 will by the Novel, by James A. Michener



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